September Market Turbulence?!?

Take Out Your Crystal Ball and Look into September.
What Do You See?

Recently, many of the advisors I consult have said prospects feel helpless. They’ve been at the “mercy of the market”, watching retirement accounts fluctuate wildly with little indication why. Negative 20%, negative 30%, and negative 40% returns hurt. Recent 10% or 20% gains feel good. But how do you know what’s next? What’s the most prudent step today?

Fortunately, the stock market’s recent rebound has produced some significant gains for many people over the last few months! Many accounts that we’re down 40% last year have seen some of that come back. It feels like there is potential to “fix” what was once “broken”.
Friends and advisors in the business…This is Your Opportunity to Take Action…Don’t let it pass you by.

This week a slew of articles have appeared on my desk, all stating that the current up-trending market may be short lived. Below are 3 of those articles (from very credible sources). Give me 15 minutes and read these pieces, highlighting thoughts you agree with an can use in your practice.
Have the courage to position a possible market downturn with clients and prospects where appropriate. Don’t let these gains continue to ride the market! Be happy with your newfound funds and take some money off the table! Now is the time to solidify safety in the portfolio!!!

“A Time to Let Go of Overvalued Stock”Wall Street Journal
“For Stocks, September May Be the Cruelest Month”Wall Street Journal
“Stocks Could Pull Back as Earnings End”Yahoo! Finance

Make it a profitable end to August and thank you for all your hard work. They may not know it today, but clients need your diligence more than ever.
Take care and contact me if I can do anything else to help.

Matthew J Neuman, Vice President of Marketing
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