1000 Banks to Fail ~ Next 2 Years ~ CD Marketing

“The US banking system will lose some 1,000 institutions over the next 2 years.We’ve already lost 81 this year; the numbers are climbing every day.” – John Kanas, Former CEO and Chairman of North Fork Bank and Current CEO of BankUnited

“With bank failures rising, the government’s deposit insurance fund fell 20 percent to $10.4 billion in the second quarter as U.S. banks lost $3.7 billion…The $3.7 billion loss compared with profits of $7.6 billion in the first quarter and $4.7 billion a year ago. The FDIC also said the number of banks deemed to be in trouble jumped to 416 from 305 at the end of the first quarter.” – CNBC.com

Banking institutions are failing at record rates. FDIC funds are losing value faster than ever. Overall consumer confidence in the banking system is at an all time low. But people still want a safe and secure place to deposit their money. So why are you passing up sales?!?
I talk with advisors everyday that make things too difficult. Income riders, MVAs, split dollar funding, uncapped monthly average 4 index blends with spreads…if that’s you…STOP IT!!!

There are many, many clients out there who are perfect candidates for a good indexed annuity; but not everyone. Are you walking right past easy Long Term Guaranteed Annuity (LTGA) sales and didn’t even know it? Better yet, what if you could get more potential clients into your office to talk fixed rates and then expand out to other products and other needs if the situation is right? More prospects in your office is always a good thing. So don’t complicate it too much. I have 5 Tools to gather more LTGA prospects and clients today (email me for access to all of them)!

  • If the Bank Fails – Listing of Recent Bank Failures & Total Uninsured Depositor Dividends Paid. Are there any failed banks in your area?
  • CDs vs Annuities – 2 page sales piece comparing these fixed-return vehicles!
  • CD Prospecting Letter – An updated letter to immediately create prospects and clients.
  • CD Prospecting Blast Voicemail Script – Reach your clients through blast phone calls!
  • CD Risk Disclousre – If your prospect/clients still decides to purchase a CD, complete this disclosure and keep it on file at your office.

Implement these tools today and additional business is sure to follow. Call or email to access these tools today and make it a great week. American retirees need you.

Matthew J Neuman, Vice President of Marketing
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Toll Free: 866.363.9595 ::: Fax: 785.271.1448


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