3rd Party FIA Study :: Updated and Hot off the Press!

The 3rd party study, Real World Index Annuity Returns, featuring David Babbel and the Wharton School of Busienss has been updated to include more positive indexed annuity information.

In the study, FIA expert Jack Marrion contributes meaningful information for your clients, like the quotes below:
“Principal preservation products have evolved to address the needs of many risk-averse consumers by providing them a safety net for their investment/savings capital. These data indicate that most of the positive market return over time comes from relatively few performers, which lends support to the use of stock index strategies as part of an overall portfolio. Furthermore it supports the notion that there is significant risk in the stock market and thus, for moderately to highly risk-averse clients, the need for principal protection programs such as fixed indexed annuities (FIA’s). Nearly 96% of FIA’s possess reset (or ratchet) features that allow for locking in positive returns each annual or biannual period. By eliminating the prejudicial effects occasioned by significant stock market declines, and locking in returns annually or biannually, there is less of a need to try and capture large upside market swings to recoverfrom the declines.”

Also included is a reality chart comparing FIA gains to S&P actual return. The results are beyond impressive, showing an average annuity gain of 5.79% each year.

For your updated copy of the Real World Index Annuity Returns Study, contact me today.Stay focused and finish October strong.


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