The Future of Taxation ~ Great Website

None of us know exactly what taxes will look like in the future. I ran across a great website and article this week, and I think several of you will absolutely love this site. It’s a great tool and filled with information to use with you clients.

A couple highlights you may like from the website:
·A two page pdf that gives a breakdown of your individual state and how its taxes compares to other states in several areas
·There is a nice booklet titled “Why Taxes Matter”
·There’s also podcasts and blogs available

For a quick tutorial – pull up the link and watch the video on the right hand side, the President of the foundation goes through what the organization is, and what info you can find on the site.

With some of the stagerring information on the site comes this quote: ‘Americans will pay more in taxes than they will spend on food, clothing and housing combined.’

December is starting off as one of the busiest and most productive months for my advisors. Your hard work now guarantees your success in 2010 and beyond.

Stay focused.


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