What is One Billion?

Here’s a quick seminar idea, shared by another highly successful producer I consult.Implement and this should increase 2nd quarter business!!!

During the seminar; put up this slide, then states these facts to your audience:

  • A billion seconds ago, it was 1979.
  • A billion minutes ago, Jesus just passed away.
  • A billion hours ago, our ancestors were Living in the Stone Age.
  • A billion days ago, no-one walked on the earth using two feet.
  • At the rate the United States Government is spending, a billion dollars was only 4 hours and 10 minutes ago.
  • If you don’t plan for increasing taxes, the government will plan for you. Information is nothing without action. Real power lies in informed decision making.

Have a great start to the 2nd quarter and call when I can help further.


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