The Best Year to Die: 2010

Another great article came across my desk, this one on Estate Tax planning in 2010. It’s great for a seminar as it’s written from the humorous perspective of a father who’s kids are telling him to die in 2010.

Here’s a great quote from the intro and a link to the full article – SHARE THIS INFORMATION, IT’S POWERFUL.

“My kids had just sat me down and given me the bad news: I was going to die. They couldn’t tell me what was going to do me in. But I was clearly a goner. The only thing they could guarantee was the year: 2010. Anytime during the year was OK with them. And they would be financially, if not emotionally, devastated if I was still around Jan. 1, 2011. Not that they don’t care for me. “It’s not personal, Dad,” my son Josh said. “It’s just business — good tax planning”

For the full article, click here:

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