25 Questions ~ Is the Economic Recovery Real?

Welcome to the summer! Now is the time where top producers separate themselves from the pack…

A top producer I consult recently shared the enclosed article “25 Questions to Ask Anyone Who is Delusional Enough to Believe This Economic Recovery is Real”. My advisor is using these questions as new seminar PowerPoint slides and as appointment talking points to generate business. I feel this is information you can generate business from also.

The article covers how many in popular media portray the American economy as recovering. Yet, the hard facts and economic indicators tell a different story. These 25 key questions are for clients who believe the media, and hopefully it can open their eyes to reality and how you can help.

Read the complete article here: http://www.businessinsider.com/questions-to-ask-anyone-who-is-delusional-enough-to-believe-that-this-economic-recovery-is-real-2010-5#is-richard-russel-wrong-22#ixzz0pbcEsVCW

I look forward to talking with you soon to have a successful 2nd half of 2010!

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