Investors Lose Faith In Big Brokers!!

A JD Power & Associates Study came across my desk this week titled “Investors Lose More Faith in Big Brokers.” How often do you run across Edward Jones, RBC Wealth Management, LPL Financial, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Smith Barney or Wells Fargo?!?

The study by JD Power & Associates specifically mentions the above companies and how even though the market rebounded, clients were not satisfied with their brokers. Highlights from the article:

“The general reputation of brokerages, meanwhile, continued to sink this year despite the rebound. An increasing proportion of investors said they believe their investment firm is driven more by profit concerns than focused on the customer.

“Most investors have enjoyed positive short-term gains in their portfolio as a result of the market recovery, but this has not translated into an improvement in investor sentiment toward their firm,” said David Lo, investment services director at J.D. Power.”

Can you use this in appointments? Can you use this in seminars?
Contact me today for a complete copy of this article.

Take care and happy selling.

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