Client Birthday Idea

(Thank you to 2 of my top producers for this idea, incredible)!!!

Here’s how it goes…
You probably already send your clients birthday cards. Starting next year, along with a birthday card, send them a CD of the greatest hits from the year in which they turned 16. Here’s an example:

Say you have a client who turns 65 years old next year in 2011. That means they were born in 1946.  So they turned 16 years old in 1962. You go to and find a CD of the greatest hits of 1962. You download the CD into your iTunes or equivalent, and then burn a fresh CD with your company name on it and title it something like “Happy 16th Birthday.” Then send it out to your client!

Clients will absolutely LOVE these CDs, and often ask for additional copies for their friends.  So send them out, and plaster your name all over them. 

There is something magical about the popular music when we were 16 years old that brings back great memories. This is a sure-fire hit that will make you shine with your clients.


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