Indexed Annuity Returns Have Rarely Been Higher

In a recent study produced by Advantage Compendium and, the average annuity returns are higher now then they have ever been. 

With current rates lower than ever, it’s hard to get your clients excited about a 4.00% or 5.00% cap on their returns. However, the average CD rate of return is only 0.67%. With an indexed annuity – there is nothing to lose and much more to gain. There is not a big difference between your client seeing 0.00% in a down year and 0.67%, however the potential with the FIA is much greater.

In the study, over the past year ending 7/31, clients realized returns in FIA’s were anywhere from 0.00% from 10.50%. Showing your client the potential of an FIA versus and CD will definitely close a sale!!

For the complete article with all the data, CLICK HERE.

Your clients need you more than ever. What you have to offer them far outweighs their current situation. Stay positive out there and know that your clients and future clients need you!!



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