Allianz CEO, Gary Bhojwani on CNBC Squawk Box

A great 4 minute clip from one of the most well-spoken executives in the insurance industry. Mr. Bhojwani addresses longevity risk, market appetite and the latest Allianz study findings with the hosts. Do your practice a favor and watch this:

Click Here to View CNBC Squawk Box Featuring Allianz CEO Gary Bhojwani

In the video Mr. Bhojwani speaks of a whitepaper titled “Reclaiming the Future.” To read this study Click Here.

Allianz also put together a great article titled, An Annuity By Any Other Name, that goes through how Americans describe their perfect retirement vehicle as an annuity, but when asked about Annuities by name 54% of American’s expressed distaste. The article goes one step further into where the pre-disposed notions came from, finding that these sentiments started 15-20 years ago. To view this article Click Here.


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