Hiring a Marketing Assistant

Part of what I bring to financial advisors is staffing advice…

Many of the professionals I consult have offices with 3-6 individuals in them (some more). And I repeatedly get questions about how to maximize efforts of those support people and subadvisors. So in a proactive manner, I’ve teamed up with one of the top office training professionals in the country – Gina Rainey.

Gina’s website (www.gettingyouinthegroove.com) can give you complete details. But in summary, her consultation is a complete package for financial advisors and their office structure. I’ve personally witnessed her partnered consultation dramatically increasing bottom lines around the country.  Many times her ideas have a six-to-seven figure impact on sales and bottom lines!!!

Today I’m offering the latest co-opted training for FREE – “The Who, What, When & Where of Hiring a Marketing Assistant”.
Tweak your existing processes with these ideas or hire a new person with them!
Either way it’s time to implement and thrive!


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