State of the Union’s Finances

Today’s economic climate can be overwhelming…for you and your clients. We all know our country’s fiscal house is in worse shape than ever; Social Security out of whack, massive Medicare/Medicaid deficits, huge debt to GDP ratios, foreign owned debt skyrocketing, etc. etc. But the question remains: What does this mean for your business?

In very simple terms, it means everything. In today’s day and age, you have more responsibility than ever before to require clients take action!
Never in the history of our country has your profession meant more. If you don’t do your job well, and don’t convince clients to implement prudent financial plans, you’ve failed.
So today, I’m providing a tool to navigate more clients down the right path. 
By CLICKING HERE you’ll have access to the updated 23-page booklet titled “State of the Union’s Finances – A Citizen’s Guide“.

This booklet is an easy read, including topics like:

  • Federal Spending & Revenues
  • US Federal Debt
  • Deficits Past, Present & Projected
  • Changing Composition of Spending
  • An Unsustainable Fiscal Trajectory
  • Unfunded Promises
  • What’s at Stake; and
  • What Can We Do?

Read this book and use it to help clients better understand the importance of planning for their future with secure solutions.

When I can help you grow business further – call or email me.
Implement and Thrive!!


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