Increase Your Profitability :: Step #1

Step #1: Know Your 20%
If you don’t know where your current revenue flows from, how are we going to increase future revenue? Simple first step, find out where the majority of your revenue is derived from. If this is your first time segmenting A Clients (20% in number, 80% in revenue), B Clients (30% in number, 15% in revenue) and C Clients (50% in number, 5% in revenue) you’ll be amazed! If you’ve already completed this, take a couple minutes to review it. What adjustments need to be made? Additions? Subtractions? Group shifts? Before moving on, let one more question rattle around in your head. How many additional A Clients would you need to acquire to replace all the revenue generated from all your C Clients? The number may shock you!


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