Increase Your Profitability :: Step #2

Step #2: Know Who They Know
Segmentation in step one is simple. The second step determines if you’re serious about “client cloning” or not. Now that you’ve compiled a list of clients to duplicate, the research begins of who they know. Chances are you’re already aware of a few connections. You already have a good idea about two or three of your clients and who they know. But what about the other 20, 30 or 40 clients you need to know more about? As you complete this part of the process, think about: workplace interactions, general profession dealings, their home and community, leisure activities, hobbies, clubs and association memberships, family ties, children, sports, music, dance, etc. for them and family members, leadership roles or board positions, charities, philanthropic passions and other professionals they consult. If you’re still searching, try two other methods. Do you currently maintain a profile on LinkedIn?[3]. If not, begin today. Via LinkedIn, search for your top clients and extend an invitation to connect. Once linked, view their other connections to identify others they stay engaged with. Lastly, if all else fails, visit with your client and ask! Spend time with one of your A Clients over a meal and tell them you feel a desire to know them better. Ask a lot of open ended questions about the aforementioned potential introduction sources and become a better advisor to them in the process.


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