Increase Your Profitability :: Step #3

Step #3: Know How to Ask
When I mention the word “referral”, what’s your reaction? If you’re like most people, you cringe a bit. “Who else do you know…” or “I get paid two ways…” have been around for decades and work less than ever before! Do everyone a favor and never again start a sentence with either of those phrases. In comparison, what is your reaction to the words “advice” or “introduction”? Most agree that those have a significantly more positive connotation. When employed correctly, “advice” and “introduction” are powerful; they make an impact.

The best financial advisors in the country develop scripts to ask for their client’s advice and ask for their help in introductions. I posses a number of these scripts, you probably do too. If you don’t already have an “Asking for Advice” and “Asking for Introductions” script, contact me. A report titled “The 20/200 Rule” has been produced with all scripts, plans and instructions in a reproducible format. Use mine or script your words out and use them! These words are your final key to success in this plan.


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