Marketing Beyond the Seminar

Today, I want to share a few ideas recently uncovered about how to get in front of qualified prospects – outside of seminar marketing. The Oechsli Institute conducted market research on this subject, and their key findings, though not altogether surprising, are worth your time and attention – then worth incorporating into your attraction of affluent prospects:

Clients surveyed spanned all ages, but 58% were ages 40 and older. Participants all had a net worth between $500K and $5M, and when selecting a new financial planner, 42% of these higher net worth clients surveyed said that they rely heavily on the recommendations of family, friends, and colleagues.

That said, here are a few proven ways that our top advisors are using clients’ connections to stay in front of a continuous stream of qualified prospects:

1.       Client Education Events:  Invite your clients to a semi-annual or annual “State of the Union” event, and ask them to bring a friend. This is not only a great way to get in front of some new prospects, but also a nice touch for existing clients, offering them valuable insights on current events, emerging trends and newly released products which should (if done right) result in additional selling opportunities.

2.       Celebration Events: Throw a birthday party, anniversary party or retirement party for hand-selected “A” clients, and invite their closest friends. We all know “birds of a feather flock together” and these events can be one of the most direct and cost effective ways to clone your ideal clients. I have developed an RRI Manual (Repeat Business, Referrals, and Introductions) which outlines exactly how to host one of these parties. If you’d like a copy of the RRI Manual, simply give me a call or reply to this post.

3.       Concierge Programs: Although these programs aren’t referral-based by nature, many of our producers have been very effective in generating business with Response Mail Express (RME) and Accelemark’s Concierge Programs. As seminars continue to be a great form of lead generation, many advisors are looking for cost-efficient, proven alternatives. In addition, many individuals will either not respond to a traditional seminar invitation or are uncomfortable discussing financial matters in a group setting. Concierge consultations were designed to overcome these challenges, and they take the best of traditional event marketing and add a more personalized and targeted approach – one that only puts you in front of fully-qualified prospects who want to meet you in a more personal, one-on-one atmosphere.

Every week I see business arriving at my office from these three programs. If you’d like more information on any of these systems, reply to this post, I’m happy to personalize it for you!

Good luck in appointments this week, and let’s visit soon!
Implement and Thrive!


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