The Advice (Referral) Script

How many times have you heard someone say, “Referrals are easy – you just have to ask for them?” Chances are, whoever told you that has likely never asked for, let alone received, a referral. Generating an ongoing referral stream takes far more than simply “asking for them.” If it were that simple, we’d all have hundreds of referrals lined up in our lobbies waiting to do business with us.

However, one of the most powerful ways to create a culture of referring within your book of business is to empower your clients by showing them that you respect their opinion and would like their advice.  The following simple referral generation script has been used by several of our top advisors to lower clients’ defenses and help them easily identify those who would be ideal prospects for your firm.  I’ve developed a script that can be easily be adapted for existing clients from any background, and with just a few repetitions under your belt, you’ll find that instead being a dreaded, awkward activity you avoid, asking for a referral is as actually as simple as paying your current clients a genuine compliment.

Here’s the Opening Line of the Advice Script:

  • “(Client), I’ve been thinking about something for a little while, and I could really use your advice.”
Comment below or email me & request the full script if you’d use it.
It’s simple,  effective and proven to work. Let’s visit soon.

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