Elite Producer Marketing (Multiple Hooks)

When you begin to know the elite producers who comprise my firm’s production leaderboard, you’ll quickly find a common characteristic amongst everyone – they have multiple marketing strategies working in concert at all times. Not just seminars, just radio, just referral programs, just social media or just client PR…but all of them.

Elite advisors know it’s about multiple “hooks in the water”. When you go deep-sea fishing do you cast just one line, then sit back and hope it hits? No way! You cast out 6, 8, 10 lines and have confidence that multiple lines will hit throughout the day. This should be no different for your “fishing” of qualified, motivated prospects and bringing them to your firm.

From seminars, direct mail and radio shows to TV appearances, client events, referrals and now, even social media* outlets – the best of the best have several “hooks” baited all the time. If one source isn’t hitting and is slow for a month, elite advisors’ businesses remain virtually unaffected. And while others in their market are caught in the cycle of having to reinvent their marketing machines, our top advisors simply recast and set their sights on the next goal.

The most common reasons advisors fail to maintain a consistent marketing plan in their practice and time and management. Prospecting, offering a special touch to all current clients, drip marketing on those who aren’t ready to buy yet, remembering special occasions and hosting referral events (just to name a few)! Without real expertise and training in these areas, many producers find it too overwhelming to tackle.

That’s where I’ll step in…

  • CLICK HERE – Check out this video on the newest marketing program we recently rolled out called Marketing on Demand! Rather than give you marketing tips or techniques, we’re literally offering to take over your marketing in a turnkey fashion, making this an absolute game changer in dramatically transforming your business.
  • CLICK HERE – View the full Marketing on Demand brochure!

Marketing on Demand was created for top producers, using concepts from other top producers. Everything involved with this program is already in place throughout the country and producing results. Do you make money sending out birthday cakes, planning parties or typing newsletters? Then quit doing it! Leave those tasks to Marketing on Demand and do what you do best – meet with more clients. Take care and (should you have interest) contact me for specifics.

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