2011 Dalbar Study

I’m excited to bring you a powerful third-party piece from Dalbar, Inc. – one of the leading financial research firms in the country. Recently, Dalbar published their 2011 findings and this year’s report includes relevant information you can use to both educate clients and better prepare yourself for upcoming appointments. This is good stuff…

You’ll find various annualized returns by fund type vs. inflation. You’ll find the one-year returns for 2010 for a variety of investment types and indices. You’ll find retention rate statistics on everything from mutual funds and equity funds to fixed income and asset allocation funds. Perhaps most interesting, you’ll find 9 Key Findings from Behavioral Finance which explain the irrational actions clients often take in uncertain economic times. The findings from Dalbar’s research should be used to understand clients as you try to help them forge sound solutions for the days ahead.

To receive a complimentary copy of the 2011 QAIB Report, post a comment below. As always, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for additional resources like this to share.
Take care of your practice and your clients – finish July strong.


39 thoughts on “2011 Dalbar Study

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  2. always intrigued in why investors fair so poorly versus the relative benchmarks…..would enjoy reading a copy of this report. thanks

  3. Dalbar really does provide a lot of insight to the cycle of emotions that clients face and why client returns are lower than industry benchmarks. Its essential reading for financial advisers.

  4. Please send me a copy, Matt.—The more we understand why our clients behave the way they do and act the way they do when it comes to investing–the better job we can do to help them

    Chad S

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