Sales Script — 3 Stages of Money

Proven producers, proven ideas, proven sales scripts. Quit being the lab rat for suspect ideas that will never work!

Today I’m sharing immediate ideas (and potential access) to a remarkable call from a friend of mine and fellow top-advisor of yours, Mike Reese. As you may know, Mike is one of the top IRA experts in the country and runs a phenomenally successful planning practice. His book-smart CFP concepts combine with  street-smart marketing savvy; making a lethal combination. He’s always improving…

Today I want to share Mike’s latest addition to the appointment process, detailing his NEW “3 Stages of Money” conversation.  To summarize:

  • Stage #1: SAVINGS – This is when you’re Young, needing Safety & Liquidity (think BANKS).
  • Stage #2: INVESTMENTS – We’re into Adulthood, introduced to investments. Risk and Return are paramount. This stage is about Accumulation (think BROKERAGE/WALL STREET).
  • Stage #3: INCOME – This is when we’re Retired, needing Contractual Guarantees (think INSURANCE COMPANIES).

Stage #2 (BROKERAGE/WALL STREET) ran wild during the 1980s and 1990s; running investment balances sky-high! Not only did retirement balances run sky-high, but so did expectations! Creating today’s perfect storm. Many retirees and soon-to-be retirees are trapped with lofty, false expectations about what’s realistic with their investments. They’re fighting themselves to leave money in stage 2 too long!!! But now the people who prospered most don’t need growth; they need income. And what’s wrong with staying in Stage 2 for Income Planning?

  • If equity markets perform well — nothing!!!
  • If equity markets remain volatile and perform poorly — everything!!!

Many reputable asset allocation managers still apply the 4% Distribution Rule to client portfolios. If you withdraw only 4% of your assets each year, they say you won’t go broke 90% of the time. First of all, who wants to only withdraw 4% of their savings during retirement? Clients worked very, very hard for decades to retire – let them enjoy it!  Contractually
guaranteed, Stage 3, insurance strategies can allow you to withdraw upwards of 6%? Take advantage!

Second of all, if the 4% Distribution Rule works 90% of the time (and I’d argue that premise) is that good enough? Would you board an airplane if it landed safely 90% of the time? Would you eat something for dinner if it didn’t poison you 90% of the time? But it seems like 90% is supposed to be okay for your life savings and retirement. It might be okay for Wall Street retirements. But it’s not good enough for plane flights, dinner and it’s not good enough for your clients. Quit thinking the 1990s are going to happen again! Clients need to transition quickly to stage #3 thinking and protect their hard-earned money with contractual guarantees of income.

Comment below if you’d like instant (recorded) webinar access to Mike Reese’s full explanation! It’s powerful and will undoubtedly help you close more sales.
Make it a great week.


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