2011 Holiday Card Competition

2011 Holiday Card Competition

Headed into December I’d like to share a holiday idea from an incredible advisor I consult. This is an easy way to give back to clients while, at the same time, creating a fun competition that brings you and your clients closer together…

Here’s the concept: Hold an annual competition to design your company’s holiday card – a tradition your clients can look forward to every year.  Award the winner a noteworthy contribution to a 529 College Savings Plan*. Accept entries from your clients’ children, grandchildren or other children in their families. The only requirement is that all entries must incorporate your firm’s name somewhere on the card and must also design the card around your stated theme for the year (Ex. The 2011 theme is “Protecting Your Money”).

All children ages 12 and under can participate and all entries must be received by December 10th.  The most colorful and creative handwritten artwork will be selected (no computer artwork will be accepted). For added PR and exposure, you could announce the winner in your weekly e-mail or your monthly or quarterly newsletter.

The winner and their parents should also be invited to the annual Holiday Party so they can be honored and presented with the actual contribution. At the event, bring up the child and parents to receive a BIG check, 30 printed holiday cards to send to their friends and family and a nice frame which includes a winning certificate and the actual drawing the child produced.  Have a photographer on hand to capture the moment, and send copies of the pictures as keepsakes as well as displaying them in your lobby  throughout the holidays as a great reminder of your charitable act and the relationships you forge with your valued clients.

What better way to have a tremendous impact on a child’s life while bringing you and your clients closer together?!?

Happy selling,

*DISCLAIMER:  Investment advisors are strongly encouraged to get this concept pre-approved by any broker-dealer with which they may be affiliated.  The cash equivalent contribution to a college savings plan may be deemed a gift and therefore subject advisors to any gifting limitations and/or requirements imposed by their broker dealer.  Similarly, any publication (either verbal or in print) of the winner of the contest could be considered a prohibited testimonial.

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