Tax Review ($$$ Making) Client Letter

Phew……Take a deep breath. Tax time is over.

Depending on how much emphasis you place on taxes (preparation, coordination or preventative planning) within your financial advisory practice this week should feel a little lighter. The rush of last-minute returns is over and your professional life can get back to normal. But before we get completely off taxes, shouldn’t you look to help clients and your practice capitalize?!?

Just this week I received a FedEx package from a financial firm I have personal money with. I ripped it open, read it real quick and had my hand over the trashcan when I stopped and thought. “Wait a minute; that letter’s a great idea! Why couldn’t the advisors I consult in the safe money arena do the same thing?” So what was it? A simple and effective and one page letter talking about:

  1. Maybe I didn’t receive the full benefit on what I bought from them
  2. A complementary tax review to ensure that full benefit — Providing an enclosed FedEx envelope with preprinted label or email address to send my 2011 return
  3. Reinforcement of how they’re a specialist in this arena and that’s why I chose them

Difficult? No. Easy to understand? Yes. A money-maker post tax-time? For sure.

I’ll make this easy. If I gave you the exact letter I received, would you (or your staff) take time to rework it for your firm, product(s) and specialty? Would you take 30 minutes to get this formatted and then send it out to all your clients/prospects?
To have a larger impact, would you build a 3-5 bullet point calling script and  personally call or blast voicemail your letter list to make sure they read it?

I’ll do my part and give you the tools, the rest is up to you. Send out this letter, follow it with a call and watch the returns come in. How many Q2 quality appointments, new assets and planning opportunities would that open up?

Implement now and share the results with me later. And as always, advise with passion.

P.S. In completing this (if you’re affiliated with my firm) think about using the drastically reduced UPS Shipping Costs we’ve leveraged for you; approximately 50% off sticker prices.

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