2012 Referral Strategies (Over 30)!!!

At Advisors Excel, we’re building a strong community of the most dominant producers in the country by encouraging the sharing of ideas between producers—a concept that has allowed the best in the business to continually get even better. Taking that concept one step further in 2012, we launched the Quarterly Best Idea Contest!
As promised, we’ve collected entries from the first quarter on the topic of Best Referral Generation Strategy—bundled in a sweet little booklet for the benefit of those associated with AE!

Are you looking to ramp up referrals and need a great idea to get you started? Look no further. This handy resource includes over 30 powerful ideas from some of the top producers in the industry! Implement one of these ideas “as is,” or use it as inspiration to get those creative juices flowing and come up with one of your own! Either way, enjoy this valuable collection of proven ideas to help drive qualified referrals through your doors!

In the future when you have a great idea to share, simply submit it and see if your idea is the BEST OF THE BEST! Remember, there is $5,000 in cold, hard cash on the line for the winner of each Quarterly Best Idea Contest.  Comment below if you’d like to request a copy of this quarter’s report and we’ll visit soon.
Advise with passion.


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