Women are “Head of Household”

Are you currently sending direct mail and seminar invitations to the man in the household? Or the woman?
If you’re like 99% of advisors it’s the man and I’d like to share simple logic to make you rethink that…

An advisor we consult from Florida recently shared how he started addressing seminar mailers to the woman in the home and instantly saw increased responses on his mail piece(s). Instead of finding another zip code, restaurant, age demographic, etc. to use on his next invite; he mailed to the same list but addressed everything to the women of the household. And it worked extremely well!
Admittedly, I don’t have a large amount of data yet to back this up, but the logic makes sense. Whether your response rates are lagging or thriving, this is worth considering as part of your seminar strategy.

Why should you send direct mail to women of the house?
1) Women typically open the mail more than men.
2) Women are usually more worried about finances than men. This is especially true due to women’s concerns about finances post their spouse’s death.
3) Women are in general more conservative by nature than men. This means they’re more likely to respond to your messages of safety, protection and guarantees.
4) Women are less afraid to ask for help. Men are known to be too stubborn, proud, etc. to seek the help you’re offering.

Think about addressing your next mailers to the woman of the household and let me know how it goes. Make it a successful July in all you do!

P.S. Hearing this idea another advisor we consult in Texas immediately implemented it. She typically struggles to fill seminar dates, but this one (same invite and restaurant as 10 weeks ago) sold out in 2 days! She’ll be speaking to sold out rooms next Tuesday and Thursday. It appears to be working great for her and she’ll continue to execute! Hopefully this small tweak does the same for you.

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