Golf Tournament Client Event

Client events should be a regular part of your marketing plan. They’re not only fun, but they allow you to deliver on your promises – treating clients as friends, caring for them like family and giving them an experience unlike anything they’ve had before! Oh yeah…and they’re profitable…

Just this morning I heard about another wildly successful client event from a producer with AE in Kentucky. He just finished up the (client &  prospect) golf tournament two days ago (9.24.12) and shared his details and feedback with us. This was Kevin’s second year pulling the event together and he made a lot of tweaks from year one to enhance the client’s experience and produce results. I’m not going to cover all the details here, but here are some big picture thoughts around his event:

  • 77 attendees – 38 clients, 39 prospects
  • Lunch, golf, dinner and awards
  • $4000 total cost
  • Local celebrity spokesperson and endorsement
  • Non-pushy way to ask for “the next step” with prospects
  • Confirmed $750k in premium 2 days following the event
  • Two other cases already in talks for appointments, totaling over $2 million

My world is all about sharing what other successful advisors are doing with you. If you’d like full details and the invitation he used, contact me and we’ll cover it immediately! Advise with passion.



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