50+ Millionaire Appointments … Attorney Co-Sponsored Seminar

I’ll cut to the chase. We consult an advisor who’s generating enormous seminar results this week and I felt compelled to share how. This is great stuff and it’s working right now by one of your peers! The seminars he’s currently conducting:

  1. Have costs split 50/50
  2. Use a mailing list with increased investable asset criteria to $1,000,000+ (double their normal)
  3. Off 5000 mailers, generated results of:
    1. 168 reservations within 48 hours (3.36%)
    2. 210 reservations within 5 days (4.2%)
    3. 2 additional nights needed for presentations
  4. Required only 30 minutes of speaking
  5. On the first night (2 more to follow) generated 26 appointment requests off 29 buying units!

Too good to be true? It’s not, these are facts.
Instead of trying to paraphrase how they’ve done it, I’m going to share the exact email I received from the advisor. In his words:

Here is the info on the last seminar we conducted and still are conducting based on the huge response…
First off, we partnered with a law firm who I have a relationship with an attorney we have used over the past couple years in doing our clients estate planning…1.  We split ALL the costs 50-50 including the mailing to the food
2.  We got a very prestigious location that everyone knew about,and most have never been to… www.thecastlepost.com
3.  Only sent out 5,000 mailers since this was the first time we had done anything like this through RME, Wedding style invite
4.  We went after $1,000,000 in assets and up was hoping for 50 people at best, within 48 hours we had 168 people…by the end of the week, we had over 210
5.  So we did 2 other nights and filled those up as well…over 4% response ratio and we have not been anywhere close to that with other mailers throughout the year…
6.  We had the attorney speak for 30 minutes and Kevin spoke for 30 minutes..the first night we had 29 buying units not counting clients and got 26 appts
7.  We are doing our second event Thursday the 25th
8.  All 3 nights will cost each of the attorney and us around $8,000 and based on our numbers that is half of 1 client to recover our cost

Hope this can help other guys within AE.

I love the idea and know a lot of advisors who can use it. Do you have any (the higher-end, the better) estate planning attorneys, CPAs, etc. you do mutual work with who are looking for clients? Are they willing to spend a little money to market? Is there a location you could put on the invitation that would be a BIG draw for clients in upper demographics? Lastly, are there any unique, joint strategies you could present to drive appointments?

For example, in this scenario, the attorney spoke for 30 minutes on their firm. The last part of their presentation talked about the benefits of establishing trusts. That transitioned into the advisor’s portion of the presentation, where they began with split-dollar life insurance funding inside the trust. After that, the advisor continued with a few more points and closed for appointments; which they set at the event.

But what an incredible opportunity, right?
When everything is said and done, the above advisor should have 50-60 millionaire prospects coming into his office for first appointments. That’s a game changer.

If you have any implementation questions or if you’d like a copy of the invitation they used, contact me.

Advise with passion.


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