About “The Advisor’s Advisor”, Matt Neuman

Dedicated to making a difference in the professional and professional lives of elite financial advisors.

As “The Advisor’s Advisor” I’m proud to be considered one of the most successful annuity professionals in today’s marketplace. Known by others as a gifted conceptual thinker, my consultation repeatedly attracts premier annuity professionals and drives their production upward. I’ve been blessed to foster personal relationships with 90 elite financial advisors, empowering them to combine for over $500 million (from those 90 advisors alone) in 2012 annuity production!

As the firm’s most tenured Vice President, I enjoy playing an integral role in Advisors Excel’s unprecedented success. By all accounts, we are the industry’s fastest growing marketing organization ever. Our combined expertise helped Advisors Excel become the first marketing organization to surpass the $1 billion, $2 billion and $3 billion annual annuity premium levels (with no end in sight) & sweep/retire the Senior Market Advisor Reader’s Choice Awards! I currently serve on Senior Market Advisor’s Advisory Board, the Allianz National Board of Marketers and regularly consult with Security Benefit Life, AgenciesHQ and Innovation Design Group. In compiling a number of successful concepts, my first book “Safe Money Journal” was self-published in early 2012.

Outside of work, I’m devoted to my amazing family – with my wife Alice, son Noah (born January, 2010) and second child (coming March, 2013). I spend regular time fulfilling a life of faith at church and enjoy staying physically active. Specifically I enjoy the “Sport of Fitness” as a CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainer and also run distance races, with a lifetime goal of running an endurance race (half marathon or farther) in all 50 states.

Lastly, I take pride in having established the Neuman Family Fund with my wife in 2011. In its first year of operation, Family Fund grants totaled over $80,000, supporting a wide range of local in Northeast Kansas. Over the ensuing years it’s continued to grow and plans to support efforts that empower and enlighten the local community and, in order to do so, need financial support, caring contributors and strategic guidance. We make regular contributions to the Family Fund and are always on the lookout for worthwhile causes.

Whether it’s professionally or personally, my hope is we connect and help one another achieve more. I’ve internalized the findings of Harvard Professor Dr. David McClelland which indicate that your reference group is the single most determinant factor of your success or failure. As I strive to enrich the lives of everyone I contact, I look forward to serving people like you who share my vision and passion.