Record Annuity Sales Quarter!!!

Despite historically low rates…
Despite historically high volatility rates…

In 3rd quarter, 2010indexed annuity sales set a new all-time record!!! 

More details below; but bottom line is these record sales speak to the need of today’s retirees. The first wave of boomers turn 65 next year (2011). We haven’t even seen the tip of the iceberg! Clients can’t tolerate bank rates and they can’t stomach market volatility. You’re the solution!!!

Keep these record sales top-of-mind during November and December and make it a record finish to the year! Clients need your solutions now more than ever!

Third Quarter 2010 Indexed Insurance Sales

THIRD QUARTER INDEXED ANNUITY SALES BLEW ALL PREVIOUS RECORDS OUT OF THE WATER!’s Indexed Sales & Market Report, 3rd Quarter 2010 shows third quarter 2010 indexed annuity sales were $8770 million compared with sales of $8379 million for the previous quarter. Third quarter sales were up nearly 5% when compared with the previous quarter and up almost 16% when compared with the same period one year ago. It was a record-setting quarter for indexed annuity sales.

Total 3Q2010 Indexed Annuity Sales were $8,770,313,225.

Top ten indexed annuity carriers for the third quarter:

1. Allianz Life                 

2. Aviva                                   

3. American Equity                     

4. Lincoln National Life           

5. ING                                       

6. Jackson National Life           

7. Midland National Life          

8. North American Company

9. National Life Group (LSW) 

10. GAFRI                                

Average Commission
The average agent commission was 6.50%.