45 Appointments … 0 Invitations

Another week, another incredibly successful idea from the nation’s elite producers!

Today I’ll share what Jason L. from Pennsylvania did to fill his calendar until the end of the year. He didn’t have time to schedule additional workshops and his calendar was looking too sparse. So what did he do?

  • Step 1:  Study the Security Benefit TVA, specifically the ALTVI index (and the alternative investment components of it)
  • Step 2:  Call one of his workshop locations (he used a country club) and reserve a room in 2 weeks, with light food & drinks (he paid $12 per person)
  • Step 3:  Assemble a list of clients to call who don’t have any exposure to alternative investments in their portfolio
  • Step 4:  Create a script to call the clients with; which sounded something like this:

With the election behind us, we all have a much clearer path on how to structure our investment plans. It’s safe to say the commodity, bond and stock markets were focused on the 2012 elections for a long time. This isn’t a political statement, but nearly every expert now agrees that with the “fiscal cliff” coming quickly, a true recession is on the horizon. The US debt is growing at record rates, taxes are going up and the Federal Reserve just prints more and more money everyday.

Why am I telling you all this? It’s because we’ve scheduled a get-together for our clients, for you, on ___________ at __________ and I wanted to call and personally invite you.

At the meeting we’re covering what alternatives you have for the next 2, 3 and 4 years to not be caught off guard and not be part of what looks like a financial disaster coming. We believe part of the solution is to quit relying just on how the stock markets will perform and to take a strong look at alternative investments; things that aren’t correlated to whether the stock markets go up or down. Would you agree? Again, I thought about you specifically when we put this together and want you to be there. Can I count on you make it?
We’ve saved just a couple spots for friends and you’re welcome to bring a guest if you’d like. (Wait for response). I’ll see you then!

  • Step 5:  He ordered as many “A Company You Can Trust” Security Benefit brochures as needed.
  • Step 6:  His staff mailed a confirmation letter to the guests who RSVP’d, with very little language about the topic. It was much simpler – date, time, place and letting them know food was ordered for them.
  • Step 7:  His staff mailed their “Shock n Awe” marketing kits to the 12 referral guests who’d be attending before the event
  • Step 8: Prepare the presentation that basically flowed like:
    • Thanks for being our clients, here’s an update with our firm
    • Here’s why we’re all here, status of the economy
    • This isn’t like before, it could get very bad and very scary soon
    • Here’s a few solutions that include managed money and (mostly) the ALTVI index, TVA product and how it works

The results?

171 people in attendance, 110 households, 45 appointments set and a calendar full until the end of the year! He’s only held a couple appointments and is already looking at over $600k in closing appointments into TVA.
All that with $0 invitation money spent and only $2000 in total costs (food)!!!

This should give you everything to copy this idea and do it yourself! It’s laid out for you. But if I can do anything else to help implement it, contact me.

Advise with passion & fill those calendars!

Corporate Sponsorship — Sporting Client Event

Best Marketing $$$$ Ever Spent!

Sporting Client Event

I recently had the opportunity to learn from one of the nation’s top advisors about (in his words) “the best marketing money I’ve spent – EVER!”

Bill is the advisor in Ohio and he’s a big sports fan. While at a minor league baseball game with his sons, he saw corporate advertising everywhere and wondered how he could do the same thing – but bigger and better! So Bill contacted the right people and partnered with the local minor league club, becoming one of their major corporate sponsors.  The corporate sponsorship costs him only $8000 a year. With a three-year commitment to a corporate sponsorship, Bill was able to dictate what benefits he received. He negotiated the following with the baseball team:

  • “Don’t Throw Away Your Retirement” sign with his website on every trash can in ball park
  • His website, contact information and logo in every program
  • Name and contact information on the marquee scrolling sign out in front of the ballpark on Interstate-90 &
  • Sponsorship for a home game

For the home game sponsorship, Bill always picks a night that he knows the ball park will be crowded.  This year he did it on Breast Cancer Awareness night, and partnered with the Mercy Foundation who raises money for breast cancer awareness and other great causes.  They name the night “Pack the Park Pink” and over 3000 people attend the game.  Bill and his staff wear pink polo shirts with their logo on them.

The game sponsorship gets Bill several things:

  • Unlimited number of tickets
  • Bill throws out the first pitch
  • Bill goes up in the radio booth and calls play-by-play for one inning
  • Bill speaks to the crowd before the game
    • He keeps this short. Introduces himself and his business, and says if you are at or near retirement, go to www.noincomeworrries.com (the landing page for his book) and request one free
    • Bill’s business and website is announced all night throughout the stadium speakers
    • First 1000 people into the game get a give-a-way. This year it was a pink coffee travel mug with Bill’s logo. In the past Bill has done a branded tailgate chair as the give-a-way.

With regard to inviting clients, Bill calls this a client appreciation event.  Since they have an unlimited number of tickets to give away, his office does an email blast to all of his clients inviting them to the game. Each client can get up to 6 tickets to bring kids and grandkids. There is a deadline to reply if they going and how many tickets they will need.

The last game, Bill had 350 people attend. In addition, his top 20 clients watch the game from a fully catered suite in the ballpark. All other clients and guests received a ticket for a free hot dog, bag of chips, and soda. The reason Bill asks his clients to bring kids and grandkids (rather than friends) is because it’s too hard to talk business in that setting. A lot of his client’s children are now boomers and Bill gets business from the event naturally.

There is no cost to the clients and their family to attend the game but each person that attends must donate $5 to the Mercy Foundation. During the game, Bill then presents a check to Mercy Foundation/Breast Cancer Awareness for $2500. The pictures of him and the big check are then leveraged into PR.

Can you use this?!?
I challenge you to think about teams and sponsorships in your local area. The team doesn’t have to be baseball – it could be any sporting event (soccer, basketball, football, hockey, etc.) that’s looking for corporate sponsorships. Major league venues work fine, but you’re likely to get the biggest impact with minor league or independent league teams that still draw good attendance.

My last offer — if you’d use them — Contact me for the specific trashcan signs and field signage that Bill uses around the baseball stadium. I’m happy to share and AE Creative Services could customize these for you also.

Advise with passion.

2012 Referral Strategies (Over 30)!!!

At Advisors Excel, we’re building a strong community of the most dominant producers in the country by encouraging the sharing of ideas between producers—a concept that has allowed the best in the business to continually get even better. Taking that concept one step further in 2012, we launched the Quarterly Best Idea Contest!
As promised, we’ve collected entries from the first quarter on the topic of Best Referral Generation Strategy—bundled in a sweet little booklet for the benefit of those associated with AE!

Are you looking to ramp up referrals and need a great idea to get you started? Look no further. This handy resource includes over 30 powerful ideas from some of the top producers in the industry! Implement one of these ideas “as is,” or use it as inspiration to get those creative juices flowing and come up with one of your own! Either way, enjoy this valuable collection of proven ideas to help drive qualified referrals through your doors!

In the future when you have a great idea to share, simply submit it and see if your idea is the BEST OF THE BEST! Remember, there is $5,000 in cold, hard cash on the line for the winner of each Quarterly Best Idea Contest.  Comment below if you’d like to request a copy of this quarter’s report and we’ll visit soon.
Advise with passion.

Tax Review ($$$ Making) Client Letter

Phew……Take a deep breath. Tax time is over.

Depending on how much emphasis you place on taxes (preparation, coordination or preventative planning) within your financial advisory practice this week should feel a little lighter. The rush of last-minute returns is over and your professional life can get back to normal. But before we get completely off taxes, shouldn’t you look to help clients and your practice capitalize?!?

Just this week I received a FedEx package from a financial firm I have personal money with. I ripped it open, read it real quick and had my hand over the trashcan when I stopped and thought. “Wait a minute; that letter’s a great idea! Why couldn’t the advisors I consult in the safe money arena do the same thing?” So what was it? A simple and effective and one page letter talking about:

  1. Maybe I didn’t receive the full benefit on what I bought from them
  2. A complementary tax review to ensure that full benefit — Providing an enclosed FedEx envelope with preprinted label or email address to send my 2011 return
  3. Reinforcement of how they’re a specialist in this arena and that’s why I chose them

Difficult? No. Easy to understand? Yes. A money-maker post tax-time? For sure.

I’ll make this easy. If I gave you the exact letter I received, would you (or your staff) take time to rework it for your firm, product(s) and specialty? Would you take 30 minutes to get this formatted and then send it out to all your clients/prospects?
To have a larger impact, would you build a 3-5 bullet point calling script and  personally call or blast voicemail your letter list to make sure they read it?

I’ll do my part and give you the tools, the rest is up to you. Send out this letter, follow it with a call and watch the returns come in. How many Q2 quality appointments, new assets and planning opportunities would that open up?

Implement now and share the results with me later. And as always, advise with passion.

P.S. In completing this (if you’re affiliated with my firm) think about using the drastically reduced UPS Shipping Costs we’ve leveraged for you; approximately 50% off sticker prices.