2012 Dalbar Study

After overwhelmingly positive feedback on my earlier 2011 Dalbar Study post, I want to offer the 2012 edition to those interested and who’d benefit again!

Dalbar describes themselves as “the nation’s leading financial services market research firm (that) performs a variety of ratings and evaluations of practices and communications that are committed to raising the standards of excellence in the financial services and healthcare industries.” To find out more about Dalbar, CLICK HERE. Their annual study on Quantitative Analysis on Investment Behavior (QAIB) “examines the returns that investors actually realize and the behaviors that produce those returns.”

This 2012 QAIB Advisor Edition covers topics such as:

  • Do Fiduciaries Produce Better Returns?
  • Investor Irrationality on Display and
  • Irrational Decisions Lead to Inferior Results

I’ve seen a number of the top financial advisors in the country use these annual findings in their business. It’s incredible insight into the average investor’s mindset and behavioral patterns, providing content for the advisor’s workshops, client events and appointment strategies extending far beyond what other “X and O” planners provide.

To receive a copy of the 2012 Dalbar QAIB Report, post a comment below.

I’m happy to share these findings and become a resource for you. Advise with passion, let’s connect soon.

2011 Dalbar Study

I’m excited to bring you a powerful third-party piece from Dalbar, Inc. – one of the leading financial research firms in the country. Recently, Dalbar published their 2011 findings and this year’s report includes relevant information you can use to both educate clients and better prepare yourself for upcoming appointments. This is good stuff…

You’ll find various annualized returns by fund type vs. inflation. You’ll find the one-year returns for 2010 for a variety of investment types and indices. You’ll find retention rate statistics on everything from mutual funds and equity funds to fixed income and asset allocation funds. Perhaps most interesting, you’ll find 9 Key Findings from Behavioral Finance which explain the irrational actions clients often take in uncertain economic times. The findings from Dalbar’s research should be used to understand clients as you try to help them forge sound solutions for the days ahead.

To receive a complimentary copy of the 2011 QAIB Report, post a comment below. As always, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for additional resources like this to share.
Take care of your practice and your clients – finish July strong.