Having a Business (Not a Job) — January Marketing

Two of the top financial advisors I consult are Bill Smith and Chad Slagle. They’re intense guys who I greatly respect and are the lead trainers of a training we host called Complete Advisor Boot Camp.

Bill & Chad just wrapped up another record-breaking year, gathering over $55 million in assets ($37.5M in annuities) combined! While I find other advisors starting from scratch every January, Bill and Chad never miss a beat and continue gaining market share. I’ve heard them say that while other advisors are finding their way again, they’re discovering ways to “bury the competition”.  How and why?  That’s the reason for this post, as they’re spending a couple minutes next week telling you on a live webinar!

In this can’t-miss, exclusive webinar, you’ll learn:

  • 5 proven strategies to ensure you’ve got a business – not just a job!
  • How to keep millions of dollars constantly in motion – whether you’re in the office or not!
  • How to leverage your staff to ensure you’re focused exclusively on money-making tasks!
  • How to finally get off the “revenue roller coaster” and into a predictable, continually escalating mode of profits!

My good friend Chad Slagle told me about this webinar, “If you want a job, stay right where you’re at. If you want a business, register now.”

Monday, January  16th at 11:00AM (CST)

I hope you find time to join us, it’ll be a very profitable use of your time to start 2012. Sell with passion. ~ Matt

Annuity – Business Tracking Sheet

Annuity – Business Tracking Sheet

How do you track the business you write?

Some producers I consult have very intricate systems to track safe money/annuity premium, life insurance, assets under management, private placements – everything! Their staffs have systematic processes of when to call, who to call and how to take notes every step of the way. It’s a well oiled machine.
And then (believe it or not) other producers I consult have literally nothing to track their pending and issued business! They’ll put pen to paper, send in an application and then call out to check on it only if it’s been an extraordinarily long time or if there’s a problem. And that system…is a problem.

So how do you track pending business?

So today I’m offering everyone access to a business tracking sheet forwarded onto me from a very successful financial advisor. It’s what he currently uses to track each case step-by-step thru the pipeline and then a second tab to total his production (by carrier) for the entire calendar year. If you want access, all you need to do is ask. No strings attached…

The more systematic you become in your business, the better (and more) you can help American retirees in their finances.

Implement and thrive.

Annuity Sales Rise in 2010

Sales of indexed annuities are on the rise…
According to AnnuitySpecs.com recent poll results, sales of indexed annuities increased 19% from the 4th Quarter, 2009 to 4th Quarter, 2010! $8.3 billion in FIAs sold 4th Quarter, 2010.

Indexed annuities now account for 40% of the fixed annuities that are sold – proving your prospects and clients need safe solutions more than ever before!!

For the complete article from AnnuitySpecs, CLICK HERE.

Make it a successful month in March! Thanks for all you do.