Dave Ramsey Review



When I mention Dave Ramsey, what’s your reaction?!? Some love him, others despise him. But regardless of your thoughts on Dave Ramsey (and his advice) you must admire him on some level (since he out-earns 99.9% of financial advisors).If Dave Ramsey decided to leave Brentwood, TN and move into your home town…what would you do?!? His marketing machine in full force would have you either changing focus, changing towns or teaming up with him. 

But remember that Dave Ramsey is paid to sell airtime, CDs, DVDs, books and fill up live venues! He’s not paid as a financial advisor working day-to-day with clients.
So today I’d like to share a 17 page review of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Advice from Thomas De Jong, a financial planner from Sioux City, Iowa. It’s titled “Remodeling Your Money Makeover: A Review of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Advice”. Use this for general knowledge, for conversation pieces with clients and as a reference point for objection handling should you ever need it.

To download the full copy: CLICK HERE