Client Holiday Parties

Welcome back from Thanksgiving! I hope it was filled with relaxation, good times and great people around you.

Now that we’re back, it’s all about December & the Holiday Season!!!
Every year I get questions about Client Holiday Parties:

  • When do you throw them?
  • How do you throw them?
  • How do you connect best with clients?
  • How do you get the best results from them?

Today, I want to draw extra attention to Ideas at Work: “Connecting with Clients during the Holidays”.

This is a webinar I’ve recorded, compiling ideas from a number of top advisors I consult! It would be a great use of 30 minutes for your time this week. The webinar has restrictions on who can and should be listening to it.
Call or email me for access & to use this to line up your client event(s) for December!!!

December is what you make of it. This month can be down and your slowest period of the year; or December can cap off 2010 strong and bring momentum into 2011! It’s up to you…

Make December everything you want and call me anytime! Clients need your guidance now more than ever.