Golf Tournament Client Event

Client events should be a regular part of your marketing plan. They’re not only fun, but they allow you to deliver on your promises – treating clients as friends, caring for them like family and giving them an experience unlike anything they’ve had before! Oh yeah…and they’re profitable…

Just this morning I heard about another wildly successful client event from a producer with AE in Kentucky. He just finished up the (client &  prospect) golf tournament two days ago (9.24.12) and shared his details and feedback with us. This was Kevin’s second year pulling the event together and he made a lot of tweaks from year one to enhance the client’s experience and produce results. I’m not going to cover all the details here, but here are some big picture thoughts around his event:

  • 77 attendees – 38 clients, 39 prospects
  • Lunch, golf, dinner and awards
  • $4000 total cost
  • Local celebrity spokesperson and endorsement
  • Non-pushy way to ask for “the next step” with prospects
  • Confirmed $750k in premium 2 days following the event
  • Two other cases already in talks for appointments, totaling over $2 million

My world is all about sharing what other successful advisors are doing with you. If you’d like full details and the invitation he used, contact me and we’ll cover it immediately! Advise with passion.


De-Evolving ::: Back to Basics

While some of the ideas introduced to the financial advisory world (thru this blog even) may be more advanced, a few of my recent conversations have drawn light back to the basics. After hanging up the phone today with a very successful financial advisor, something hit me in the hard: Very few people are as advanced as they think they are. And that’s not a bad thing! Actually a lot of times, it’s a great thing! But when someone makes this business needlessly complex, cumbersome and ineffective, they’re in a bad place; headed down the wrong path. I don’t want you to be that person.

You see all the ideas floating around our industry, don’t you? Here’s a couple things I saw in my email just today:

  • “$471k Sole Practionioner, working part time, finally reveals the TRUTH about marketing secrets.”
  • “How Tom makes $400-500k a year, working 25-30 hours a week, with only one part-time employee!”
  • “The ridiculously cheap tool that gets your current clients AND outside professionals (particularly CPAs and attorneys) to give  you referrals WITHOUT you asking (begging) them to give you names!”

Basic? No. Sexy? Yes. And I’ll leave it up to you to determine the probability of success. Please do the future of your business a favor and swear off all marketing hype and get-successful-quick plans today. Every second you spend looking at them is a second you’ll never devote to real work. Because the most complex theories in our business revolve around simplicity. The truth is I’ve seen amazingly successful advisors who are drastically inept in certain basic selling situations, or unable to get into those situation in the first place. What makes them successful is their ability to take basic training, basic direction and act on it. Nothing more, nothing less. Simple idea, simple action plan, do it.

  • I’ve consulted multi-million dollar safe money advisors who close 90%+ of their appointments, but couldn’t market to save their lives.
  • Others can effectively market for prospects five or six ways consistently, but close less 50% of their appointments.
  • Another example is an advisor I consult who doesn’t market or sell. He runs the office, the franchise, and quarterbacks all the operations. But he’ll hire in the marketing coordinator, salespeople and administrative help. If you left it up to him to get prospects into the office or close them, he’d be out of business next month.

My point is million dollar commission earners can’t be all things to all people! And they certainly can’t be chasing the next silver bullet every month or they’d get away from the basics of what makes them successful! Successful advisors take simple action and do it well repeatedly.

“Sexy” might sell, but the truth is most advisors don’t need it. If the marketing partners they worked with (IMOs especially) put more thought into their regressions than their progressions, they’d get better results, and appreciate the “how” and “why” of the success process better. Today’s advisory world focuses on fast-tracking too much, sparkle too much, and preparing too little, and most business partners are too coward to tell the truth. Instead financial advisors are filled with hot air about how great they are (and the advisor can justify it due to high margins).

They de-evolved, and the correction – both financially and psychologically – needs to take place now.

Work simple, smart, and hard; then advise with passion.


Client Event Idea ::: Wine Tastings

Wine tasting client events have gained traction. They’re enjoyable, profitable and a great way to tie in top client relationships while meeting new potential clients. Over the past year I’ve been hearing more-and-more about elite advisors employing these into a marketing plan. Because thinking about the wine drinkers…aren’t they probably part of your ideal target market?
One nice thing about wine events is you can host them any part of 2012 (any month, monthly, quarterly or annually). And for the 3 advisors I consult who’ve held these regularly (longer than 6 months), they’ve paid off tremendously. In fact, the advisor I work with who tracks his numbers efficiently has hosted 5 events and seen a 12:1 ROI from additional client business and a couple referrals.

Numbers like that don’t lie, so here are a few thoughts about wine tasting events you can immediately use…

Event Style #1: Local Winery Stations
Have a local winery setup wine stations, with an employee at each spot describing their particular wines and cheeses.

Event Style #2: Local Winery Stations(Different Monthly Region)
Should you decide to host these each month, mix things up by customizing your wines & foods to represent a different region of the world each time.

Event Style #3: Create Your Own Wine Event
First choice would be renting a local vineyard and second choice would be a high-end location. You and your clients can tour the grounds, sample the wine and if they allow it – make a barrel of wine together! At a follow-up second event, you’d hold a contest on whoever can create the best label for bottles. The winner has their design on all bottles you (your company) decides to purchase. I’ve typically seen the advisor buying enough bottles to give all event attendees, future events and maybe even as gifts for future new clients. This gives a great platform to tell clients about your events how the wine was made.

During any of these events, be sure to prepare and hold a toast. Prepare 2-3 minutes of genuine, heartfelt material, in appreciation of your clients and their company/business. This is your platform to shine…

Typical Budget: $35-50 per person (covers wine samples & hors d’oeuvres)
Time of Event: 7:00-9:00 PM (typically hosted in the evening following a meal time)
Invites: Depends on your budget & venue. Most advisors have invited 10-30 of their top clients + guests.
Where: Local vineyard, winery, wine bar, yacht club, art museum, country club, etc…

At an event like this you want to generate business for the local wine company you hired to help host. You’d be well advised to have an information sheet on the different wines each client is tasting accompanied by wine company information. Clients should be able to buy bottles of wines on-site. Make sure when you book the vendor/venue they know you’ll be generating business for them, which should enable you cutting you discounts on certain areas.

One other idea in conjunction with client events involves raffles. Everyone enjoys raffles and for a wine tasting event you could easily give away items like red & white wines, wine tools, cheese & crackers, coasters, cork topper, gift cards to the local vineyard, etc. all while capturing attendee information.

If you’d like a sample Wine Tasting Event Invitation and Liability Waiver for attendees to sign — COMMENT BELOW.

The Advisors Excel Creative Team has even designed these wine tasting invites for specific advisor offices (nominal $50 fee.) From there you could then print them locally or get pricing done using their sources.

In closing, if you’re looking for an addition to your 2012 marketing or to increase client event ROI success, I’d recommend considering these events. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call or email me. Thanks for all you do and advise with passion.


P.S. If you or a subset of your clients don’t drink — no problem! Think about employing the same set up, but for dessert tastings. One advisor I consult alternates months between dessert tastings, wine tastings and has even thought about cooking classes with a top-chef!