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Need Help Solving the Seminar Puzzle?!?

When it comes to selecting the right mail house, there are numerous variables to consider.
If marketing isn’t your sole focus, it can be almost mind-numbing…

  • What type of invitation is getting the highest response rates?
  • What are the hottest invitation bullet points to use right now?
  • Should I consider a mail house with one-on-one, in-office appointment setting?
  • Do any mail houses offer financing options?
  • Which shops are best in the area of service so I can be relatively “hands-free?”
  • Can I just pay for the prospects who RSVP for my seminars?
  • What type of discounts are available to me (either thru my own volume or my marketing partner affiliations)?

As one of the most expensive components in an ongoing seminar circuit, choosing a mail house wisely is one of the most important decisions you make. DON’T MAKE IT ALONE. I’ve partnered with a number of top mail houses in the seminar marketing industry, negotiating exclusive discounts and special arrangements for advisors I recommend. It’s important your marketing partner(s) know the difference between each vendor, saving you money and giving you back valuable time. If I can help with this arena, contact me anytime.

Stop Screwing Up Financial Seminars

I was recently part of a co-authored “Seminar Planning Toolkit” and felt compelled to share. Because despite all the silver bullets and shiny objects in our industry about never doing seminar marketing again, it’s safe to say 90% of top-tier producers still utilize this form of prospecting. It works. Here are some of the best-practice seminar findings:

• Make an effort to hold your seminars at Restaurants. Hotels or convention centers make people think they will be locked in a room and sold. Adding logos of your location to the invitation adds impact and local familiarity and it may even reduce the cost of the meals when negotiating. (They are getting free advertising).
• Have the seminars on Tuesdays or Thursdays (Wednesdays are a good second choice). NEVER have a seminar on a Saturday. You must give prospects a choice of 3 separate seminar dates.
• You must provide a meal. Very few people show up just for the meals. In 400,000+ events marketed, dinners have achieved a much greater response than lunches. Breakfasts, refreshments, coffee and dessert, wine and cheese, hors d’oeuvres or brunch almost always generate a disappointing response.
• Make sure your event starting times are proportional to the ages marketed. Don’t target people in their 50’s and expect them to attend a 4:00 pm event..
• Confirm all reservations at least once, no later than 2 days before each seminar. RSVP call ins are diminished when using phone recorders to take in-bound calls. Live answer is suggested at all times. We can recommend someone.
• Follow up the next day after each seminar with the attendees who didn’t request an appointment to find out if they’re interested in meeting with you.
• Mail is delivered mostly via Standard Mail. It typically takes 7 to 12 days to travel in the mail. You cannot control the USPS schedules. All invitations should be scheduled in the homes approximately 10 to 12 days before the first seminar date.
Most advisors reading this post already perform multiple seminars each month and are very proficient at them. (You probably already know most of what’s in the guide). But with the cost of seminar marketing and the potential returns off them, even picking off 1 or 2 ideas can have BIG results! I’ve found the larger the producer, the more he/she is a student of “the slight edge”. 

So if you want the complete guide, post a comment or email me and I’ll be happy to provide it for FREE.