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After presenting a terrific seminar are you sometimes surprised that more attendees didn’t sign up for follow-up meetings? If so, you might want to consider the “emotion quotient” of your presentation…

In other words, did you bring the facts in your seminar to life with personal examples and emotional storytelling? It’s a highly effective way to broaden people’s mindset from merely processing information to applying that information to their own personal lives. It’s a great way to get them thinking about what’s really important to them – as in, financial security for themselves and their families.

Following is an example of emotional storytelling to weave into a seminar presentation. By using a personalized analogy of a blind spot when driving with retirees coasting along, unable to see the financial issues creeping up on them, it creates a sense of urgency to set a follow-up meeting. Check it out and see if it works as well for you as it has for the top advisor who shared it with us.

‘Blind Spot’ Seminar Close
“This whole notion of making sure you’re prepared for your financial future reminds me of a little incident the other day. I’m sure this has happened to just about all of us. I was driving with a friend to a local restaurant, and a car in the next lane just about side-swiped us. I never even saw it. Fortunately my friend did, and he yelled out and even nudged my steering wheel to get us out of harm’s way. Ultimately, aside from a slightly elevated heart rate and some flaring up of my road rage for a minute, everything was fine.

“However, that experience got me thinking. The other car that day was in my ‘blind spot.’ Had my friend not hollered out, we would’ve spent that lunch filling out a police report instead of enjoying a good meal. Not because we weren’t paying attention – I was paying full attention, going the right speed, staying in my lane at a safe distance from the car in front of me, watching out for those around me.

“Even so, that other car was in my blind spot. I couldn’t see it from where I was sitting. And in situations like that, having a friend along for the ride can be a life-saver – someone with a different perspective from your own, someone who can see things you can’t. Someone who can help you make a little adjustment – like my friend helped me – to avoid a consequence you never really needed to experience in the first place.

“Unfortunately I’ve met hundreds of individuals who are in a similar position financially. Just cruising along, minding all the laws and doing everything they know they should be doing – thinking everything is perfectly fine, while significant financial issues creep up in their blind spots. With the volatile market, the economy in turmoil and the financial uncertainty we all continue to face, there’s an awful lot at stake. For many of you here [today/tonight], you simply can’t afford a wreck at this point – especially when you should be enjoying the retirement you’ve spent all these years driving toward.

“I urge you to do this: Before you leave here today, ask yourself what you really have to risk by having an expert with a different perspective review your current financial approach. There’s a chance you may arrive at your retirement destination just fine. But with so many variables to consider, so many things you may not be able to see from where you’re sitting, isn’t it worth making sure?

“You didn’t come this far just to have something you could have prevented get in your way, did you? We’d love to help you, so I’ve blocked off portions of the next [several days/week/several weeks] to meet exclusively with those in attendance tonight. Beyond that time frame, our appointment slots will be very hard to come by, so be sure to schedule a time with one of our staff before you leave tonight!”

Keep emotions high, sales high and advise with passion.


Seminar Income Kit – Mount Everest

For several of the top producers I consult, this resource has proven to be a great story-selling tool for use in closing their seminars. It’s a great way to differentiate yourself from other advisors who may focus primarily on accumulation;  thereby positioning you as the trusted specialist who can help clients safely to and through retirement!

When used correctly, this kit will help you:

  • Increase appointment setting ratios
  • Achieve higher “stick” ratios of prospects attending appointments – often times with all account information in hand
  • Write larger cases as a result of taking a closer look at prospects’ entire financial picture

The Mt. Everest Income Planning Seminar Kit comes complete with:

  • A fully-scripted seminar close
  • High-resolution, full-color Mt. Everest slides for inclusion in your existing presentation
  • (2) Poster-size room visuals positioning the need to help clients “safely down the retirement mountain”

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